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    Fracture Flow Back

    Farley Riggs has a range of different equipment packages each designed for different situations and operating parameters. Having always prided itself on delivering the ‘right solution’ to its clients not just ‘any solution’, Farley Riggs today has a catalogue ranging from high pressure low volume separators to low pressure high volume and everything in between, meaning we have equipment suited to almost any scope of work.

    In early 2012 Farley Riggs broadened its ability’s, importing three phase, Low Pressure High Volume (“LPHV”) separators. These units are incredibly robust and can be used for almost any testing situation however they are perfectly suited to flowing back fracture stimulations.

    Having a massive volume (100bbl approx) they thrive in harsh conditions where, high flow rates of sand, gas and fluid are expected. This is a much safer and more environmentally friendly option than flowing direct to a pit via an A line.

    We have also designed and manufactured 45’ flare stack trailers to further decrease environmental impact and increase safety, our flare stacks are fitted with “self monitored ignition systems” to ensure produced gasses are always burnt.