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    Farley Riggs is the exclusive distributor for the Red Deer Ironworks (RDI out of Alberta, Canada) range of products in Australia. Through this relationship Farley Riggs can now deliver API certified equipment such as Manifolds, debris catchers, swivels, choke check and ball valves, integral fittings, crossovers, pups, data headers and an extensive range of flow line. All products are available for sweet or sour service (NACE MR0175), for both sale and rental. For more information please contact the team at Farley Riggs.

    Manifold Systems

    Description Farley Riggs can supply nearly any type of RDI manifold configuration required: choke and kill, frac, and cement. Positive and...Continued


    Description Farley Riggs can supply the RDI manufactured range of flow line in all the standard configurations” please contact the...Continued

    Debris Catchers

    Description Various styles of catchers provide the capture of debris on flow back, preventing possible damage to downstream equipment. Sizes ranging from...Continued

    Swivel Joints

    Description Specifications Features Farley Riggs supply the new RDI Longsweep Swivel Joint which is manufactured from high tensile alloy steel that is suited...Continued

    Plug Valves

    Description Specifications Farley Riggs supplies RDI’s manufactured plug valves with several different connections, bore sizes and pressure ratings. Valves are available for Sour H2S...Continued

    Choke Valves

    Description Specifications Farley Riggs offer the many different RDI choke valves- adjustable and positive- all with the proven needle and...Continued

    Check Valves

    Description Specifications Farley Riggs supply RDI’s manufactured in-line swing check valve in 1″ and 2″ 1502 as well as 2″ 602 connections- standard...Continued

    Ball Valves

    Description Specifications Farley Riggs supplies RDI’s Ball Valves which are designed as an economical alternative to plug valves, while still...Continued

    Integral Fittings

    Description Specifications Farley Riggs provides RDI’s numerous manufactured integral fittings such as crosses, tees, cushion tees (double cushion 90s), and...Continued


    Crossovers Specifications Farley Riggs offers the many types of RDI crossovers – union x union, union x npt, union x...Continued

    Pups and Data Headers

    Description Specifications NPST Pups Farley Riggs supplies RDI’s NPST (non-pressure seal thread) pups in sizes 1″-3″ Fig. 602 & 1502. The NPST connection offers...Continued