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  • Ezy Hammer

    Designed and assembled in house by Farley Riggs, the EZY-Hammer (Pneumatic Hammer Union Hammer) has been engineered with safety and efficiently as the top priority.  The Ezy-Hammer eliminates the requirement for heavy, cumbersome sledgehammers, as it quickly and safely makes up and breaks out hammer unions through the pneumatic action of the internal piston (or hammer). All the operator must do is hold the EZY-Hammer in place on the desired union.

    Not only does this drastically reduce the risk of injury/ fatigue to personnel it also promotes a favourable connection with the union wing every time, resulting in increased life of hammer unions and your expensive ironworks. The Ezy-Hammer is available with a range of interchangeable adaptors to fit unions from 2”to 8” and is available exclusively from Farley Riggs.