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    NPST Pups

    Farley Riggs supplies RDI’s NPST (non-pressure seal thread) pups in sizes 1″-3″ Fig. 602 & 1502.

    The NPST connection offers a light-weight pup capable of 6000-15,000 CWP with a connection that isolates the thread from the fluid’s flowpath. This connection is permanent (sealed with an epoxy thread compound) and is well suited to abrasive applications where a welded connection is not desirable.

    Farley Riggs offer all NPST sizes with a detachable nut and non-detachable nut as an option.

    NPST pups are offered up to 20 ft. in all line sizes.

    Integral Pups

    Integral pup joints are manufactured from seamless, forged, one-piece construction and are offered in 2″ & 3″ sizes with Fig 602 & 1502 connections.

    Ideal for sour (H2S) and abrasive service, these pups are long-wearing and a significant improvement over welded assemblies. No intrusive weld root means smoother flow and reduced washing.

    A retention ring prevents the nut from sliding down the pup and injuring the operator.

    Integral pups 2″ Fig. 602 are offered to 20ft., 2″ Fig. 1502 to 12 ft., and 3″ Fig. 602 & 1502 to 10 ft.

    Data Headers

    Data Headers are integral pup joints manufactured with threaded outlets to provide access points for
    gauges, thermometers and sensors. Farley Riggs supplies RDI’s data headers in 2″ & 3″ sizes with Fig. 602 & 1502 connections.
    Outlet ports are offered as 1/2″ NPT. Standard length of the data headers is 2 ft.