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    Farley Riggs owns and operates a range of control and instrumentation equipment for data acquisition in the oil and gas industry, providing both real-time and logged data to our clients. Our experience in building new instrumentation systems and retrofitting modern instruments to existing equipment allows us to provide a solution to any measurement application. We supply a range of level, pressure, temperature and flow meters as well as sensors for emergency shutdown systems for use inside hazardous areas. All our gauges are intrinsically safe to IECEX Ex protection methods. Whether your application requires high pressure ratings, best-in-class precision or versatility to communicate with your existing SCADA system, we can help you.

    Farley Riggs use Vortex flow meters for single phase flow. Vortex flow meters offer a loop powered solution capable of accurately measuring flow of both conductive and non-conductive gasses and fluids with high range ability. Vortex meters have the configurable option for on-board temperature measurement and compensation as well as instantaneous mass flow measurement with the inclusion of pressure compensation. A simple, modular design with single sensors, lends itself to rapid commission and troubleshooting. The Vortex meter also allows for smart filtering to entirely negate the impact of ambient vibrational noise.

    Rosemount Temperature Transmitter

    Farley Riggs has highly accurate pressure transmitters capable of both wireless and wired transmission. Best in class accuracy is achieved with long term stable RTD sensors in duplex or simplex configuration. The dual sensor option also allows for highly accurate differential or averaged temperature measurement. Multiple digital transmission protocols are available for any real-time solution and allows for temperature compensation for flow and pressure measurement.


    Rosemount Guided Wave Radar

    For continuous level measurement of any fluid, slurry or powder, there is no measurement option more accurate and reliable than guided wave radar. This device also allows for measurement of any fluid interface and provides smart diagnostics for ease of commissioning. The radar probes are virtually immune to both wear and buildup of adhesive slurries and fluids. Farley Riggs utilises this system on some of our separator packages and gauge tanks.


    Rosemount 3051S Pressure Transmitter

    Farley Riggs employs highly accurate, long term stable pressure transmitters for real time transmission – both wired and wirelessly. Rapid commissioning and long term sensor stability minimises installation downtime. Rapid real-time transmission is ideal for pressure compensation for flow measurement. Configurable sensor inlet allows for differential pressure measurement with a single transmitter head for simplicity.


    Rosemount 2120 Vibrating Fork

    When meeting a safety integrity level is paramount for reliable emergency shutdown systems, Farley Riggs employs vibrating fork switches. All Stainless process fittings with no moving parts leads to optimal functionality. Operating on a density principle, there is also an application to use for slurry/fluid interface. These switches also provide SIL-rated backup to be used alongside continuous level measurement such as guided wave radar.


    Elite Series Coriolis Sensor

    Farley Riggs primarily offer Coriolis meters for all flow measurement applications. For accuracy, range-ability, and durability whilst meeting hazardous area requirements. Applications are generally for custody transfer, compact installation with no straight pipe run requirements, non-conductive fluid, multi-phase applications and as an alternative parallel meter requirements due to flow rate variation. All stainless steel construction leads to long life and low drift. No flow obstruction design leads to minimal pressure drop and resulting turbulence in the process stream.


    F Series Coriolis Sensor

    One step below the Elite series Coriolis meters, for simpler applications, Farley Riggs supplies Coriolis flow meters for a reduced range of flow rate. When the versatile allowance of the Coriolis flow meter is preferred, with a more consistent flow rate at a lower price. The F series still caters for greater range-ability than almost any other meter type on the market. The compact design, weight and size reduction allows for easier installation than the Elite range and reduced member stress for transportation.

    Digital Pressure RecorderDigital Pressure Recorder

    Farley Riggs supply a stand-alone digital pressure gauge with inbuilt logging functionality. Durable and hardwearing, this pressure recorder is ideal for accurate pressure measurement and medium term logging for pressure vessels, flow-line, wellheads and rapidly deployable applications logging such as pressure testing. These units have a maximum pressure of 15,000psi and are capable of storing up to 32,000 data points.


    Special Purpose Digital Pressure Recorder

    Farley Riggs understands that not every problem can be solved by a bread and butter solution. When working pressures exceed the rating of most pressure recorders available on the market, Farley Riggs have a 40,000psi rated pressure recorder. Temperature compensated measurement allows for highly accurate recording with internal logging capability.  Local wireless capability offers real-time connectivity for immediate monitoring of pressure tests and calibrations with an easy to use USB receiver.


    Digital Differential Pressure Recorder

    Farley Riggs supply a differential digital pressure gauge with inbuilt logging functionality. Allowing a digital alternative to industry standard Barton Meter. Digital recorders eliminate operator error and allow easy storage and communication of recorded data. Differential Pressure recorders also have the application for monitoring washing, wearing and plugging of filters, valves and chokes. Our differential pressure recorders are capable of storing up to 500,000 data points.


    Differential Pressure Flow Meter

    A configurable option for the real-time pressure transmitter is to install directly to an orifice plate for flow measurement. This single piece installation allows for highly efficient and cost effective installation with the most proven flow meter design. Engineered orifice plate design actually improves stability of flow in meter run by reducing swirl.